The versatility in our design portfolio isn’t so much about showing what we can do, as it is about showing what our projects do for you. The work arises from a deep understanding of place, uses, purpose and client preferences, so that what we create is the best possible answer to each complex and unique challenge. Take a look at just a few of our projects for yourself by clicking the photograph’s portfolio links below.

We take pride in the fact that Kane Architecture designs are not immediately recognizable as such – that is, each project is as unique and as perfect a solution as we can create for the site, circumstances and ideas of the project owners.

If we have a particular style, it’s in the way we do things – an almost intuitive ability to understand our clients’ ideas, wishes and character; absolute insistence on accurate, no-waste plans; respect for schedules and budgets; and excellent communication with all parties for the best possible result.

The common thread is the sense that all our projects truly belong in their settings. The place itself is the driving force behind the final form, directing us in what to do and how to bring a client’s vision to life.